There is nothing better than feeling the joy with which your dog receives you when you get home. But when the tail movement and the excited jumps are transformed into a party of licking, the situation no longer pleases us.

why your dog licks you?

Dogs have different ways of communicating with us. They can not communicate through words, that is why they use body language to show their emotions.

Licking is a behavior that dogs practice since they are born. Mothers lick their puppies to clean them and stimulate their breathing, while they lick their mom’s mouth anxiously. This stage of the puppy can mean submission or it can simply be a gesture to communicate that he is hungry.

Here are some reasons why your dog may be licking you.

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To have your attention

Some dogs lick in order to get what they want, for example a caress in your stomach, food or that you take them to play. Dogs are animals that require work and time and love being the center of our world. So, if you’re busy doing housework, your puppy may feel ignored. Remember, our dogs can not tell us how they feel, it is up to us to interpret their behavior. Licking can mean that they want to go out and play, they need to pee or they want to spend some time alone with you. So, first take a moment to consider the possibility that they need something for their own welfare.

If you interact with your dog when he is licking you, even if it is to tell him to stop doing it, you will be giving him the complete attention he so desires. This attitude will increase your puppy’s behavior, even if you try to calm him down.

To show affection

Licking is a sign of affection. We are the main suppliers of our dogs and we give them everything they need. When we play and train them we develop a very special and close bond with them. That same family bond can be detected in wild dogs. Wild dogs develop close relationships to hunt and stay alive in the herd. Healthy and happy relationships are crucial to ensure their survival. Now it’s us who are part of that family pack.

Dogs show us their affection in various ways, through their tail movement, facial expressions or leaning towards us. But a key way to show your affection is through licking.

Why does my dog lick his paws?

There are many reasons why dogs lick their paws. Most of the time it’s because their paws are wet or have something in them. Maybe he stepped on something sticky and tried to take it off. In this case, help your puppy to remove anything that is stuck or clean the legs with a towel.

Allergies and fungal infections can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog. If you start a treatment against these infections, your dog can lick itself to the point that it starts to bleed. If this is the case, go to the vet urgently. The treatment can be simply a medicinal shampoo, so it is better to treat it as soon as possible and not to let much time pass.

Why does my dog lick the couch?

That a very strange behavior. Unless you have thrown some food on your couch, there is no logical reason why your dog would lick that place. Regularly licking the couch, floor or wall can mean anxiety and stress. When puppies are anxious about a particular event, object or person, licking is their way of relaxing.

Why do they lick our faces?

When your dog licks your face, it is possible that he tries to cleanse you or simply wants to say: “Hi, I like you!” But as we mentioned earlier, the puppies lick their mother’s face to show that they are hungry and also as a sign of submission, so your puppy may be telling you it’s time to eat dinner or show you that he thinks you are his family.

Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell and could tell you exactly what you have had breakfast if they could talk. The reason why they choose to lick your face specifically may be because they are curious about the smell that comes from your mouth. If you have food on your face or on your lips, they will want to cleanse you with their tongue.

Why does my dog lick the baby?

When a dog licks a baby’s face it may be trying to play with it or showing its dominance. Remember that your dog’s mouth contains a lot of germs and bacteria, therefore you should make your dog stop licking your baby for safety reasons.

It is very important to make your dog understand that he is not your baby’s playmate because if your baby does something that bothers your dog, it is very likely to bite him and that would be very serious.

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To create a safe and balanced family environment, you should never allow your dog to exhibit dominant behavior over your child. Dogs should be trained to be submissive always with children. When your child grows, you should involve him in taking care of feeding and training your dog. This will help them see your children as their leader and provider as well.

why your dog licks you?

Some people do not have problems with an occasional lick. Licking can be a way to share a kiss and who does not like kissing? If you enjoy the close bond they have, a loving licking of your puppy will not hurt you. We recommend washing your hands, face or area of your body licked; A dog’s mouth has an average of 700 oral bacteria that can cause different types of infections.


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