Below we will tell you some ways to realize when your dog is jealous:


When a dog is jealous he can attack another person or pet if he approaches something he wants. For example, this could happen when you are sitting on the couch and a member of your family sits next to you or if another dog takes your favorite toy. This aggressive behavior serves as a warning to a third party and seeks the other away from “what does not belong.”

Annoying behavior

If you are paying attention to another person, does your dog try to push it aside or get in the middle of both? Maybe try to jump to you? If your dog is jealous he can be very demanding and demand that you pay attention to him and to anyone else.

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Peeing inside the house

Dogs have many ways to communicate with us because they can not tell us in words how they feel. As they do not know any other way to express themselves, peeing or defecating in the house can be a way of expressing their jealousy.

Doing tricks

Dogs are intelligent animals – during their training the dogs have quickly learned that doing tricks, such as lifting the leg, often attracts the attention of their owners and also receive awards for it. So if you are with your friends and your dog is desperate to get your attention, he may perform tricks in order to get what he want: your full attention.

Get away from you

Dogs do not always show their jealousy in a violent way. When a dog moves away or leaves the room you are in, it may mean that you are in a state of sadness and discontent.

Excessive toilet

Excessive cleaning can also be an indirect behavior to express jealousy. If your dog is upset with a family member, grooming can be a way to deal with their insecurities. In a way, it is an effective way to calm down when dealing with tense or stressful situations in the home.

Eat little or too much

A change in your dog’s eating habit may be another way to express his jealousy. If your puppy is suffering from stress and anxiety due to his competition with another human or pet, that can affect his appetite.

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