Why do dogs circle around and are so selective when it comes to pooping?

This ritual has a meaning and was discovered by scientists from a University called University of Life Sciences in Prague. By gathering and observing and recording 70 puppies and dogs they realized that they always made their needs point in the same direction.

They discovered that dogs are sensitive to the electromagnetic field of the Earth. That’s why they need to perform that kind of ritual: to be geo-positioned and synchronized with the planet.

Our dog is a perfect compass.

These scientists have hallucinated with the preference of our furry ones to make their needs with the body aligned under the north-south axis and always under calm electromagnetic conditions. This is because on stormy days dogs get so confused that they can take longer to defecate and even not to do so.

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Do you know why they scratch the floor after doing it?

If your dog scratches the ground when he has just done his business, it is not because he tries to bury anything like cats do, but because he wants to mark his territory and dedicate a “Here I am” to the rest of the puppies. With this the next dog that passes by and smells the brands will stop to poop to finish with that information and implement a new “Here I am.”

Your dog needs to take his time to defecate. Your time has to be right. You may need to smell or scratch or turn before paying attention to nature’s call. The next time you feel impatient while your dog decides where to poop, remember: their complex biological systems are working together in quite a surprising way to eliminate waste and connect it with the world in general.


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