If you are one of those who think it’s crazy to sleep at same bed with your dog, surely all this time you have not enjoyed a perfect dream. Science says it. They found that unlike a human couple or a cat, dogs provide calm and security at night.

Sleeping with your dog

It’s not a security to feel if a thief arrives and your dog will scare you, it’s a more internal security, something that provides peace and calm and that allows you to better achieve deep sleep.

A study entitled “Examination of the quality of sleep and sleep routines of adult women in relation to the link with their pets”, in which 962 American women participated, determined that 55% of them sleep with at least one of their dogs in the same bed, and 31% did it with their cat. In addition, 57% said they shared a bed with their human partner.

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Research determined that dogs have the ability to provide comfort without disturbing our sleep, even if your dog prefers to sleep well huddled next to you. All the people who sleep with a dog, unlike those who do not, showed better results when answering the questionnaire about their sleep.

Sleeping with your dog

Another study, published by the Royal Society of Science, about the macro-structure of sleep in an adult dog related to their experiences during the day, determined that like humans, their sleep is affected negatively or positively according to what they experienced during the day. If you had a difficult day with complexities, it is most likely that you bring it to your night and have problems to conceive a good dream, and vice versa: Dogs too.

You will ask yourself, What problems can a dog have? then problems of a basic level like: if today he ate well, if they made love to him, if they challenged him, if he walked enough, among others. But they are still problems for them and they think about them during their sleep.

Sleeping with your dog

There is a certain synchronization of our feelings and behavior patterns during sleep, which would allow us to sleep peacefully and peacefully with our dogs. Now you know, sleeping with your dog may be the best thing in the world!


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