We always associate this activity with sexual impulses, but it can mean many other things.

Do you know why your dog is riding on your leg?

If your dog rides you it is probably for another type of reason that is not sexual. Many people believe that when a dog rides alone is because it is in time of heat or because it wants to reproduce but this is not the case.

Below we will tell you the reasons why your dog rides your leg, as well as some ways to avoid it.


One of the most frequent reasons why a dog can ride is by domination. Many animals, especially when they are reintroduced into a new herd (such as your family), do not fully understand their position in this new family environment. If you see that you usually do this act, you should immediately stop it to prevent it from positioning itself as dominant because, at home, you must be the dominant one. You will see that when they are puppies the riding behavior is very common but it has nothing to do with sexual motives but simply wants to be the dominant one.

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Excess of energy

It is also common for a dog to mount people because of energy problems. If it is a puppy or is very energetic and nervous it is possible that he mount you to discharge the excess energy that it has.
You must break this habit and if is a puppy as soon as you perceive this attitude you should take it out to the street after having said a resounding “NO”. He must learn that he should not do that and that he can calm his anxieties and nervousness when go out to play. The exercise is basic so that the animal is calm at home and has a normal behavior.

To play

Your dog thinks it is a movement that can be very fun and can produce some pleasant stimulus so it is normal to do so especially during the first months of life as it is when you feel like playing. The recommended thing is to take him out for a walk so he can play on the street and unload his nerves. In order for the output to be of higher quality we recommend that you take a ball or play with a stick. It is recommended that you take him to parks where there are other dogs to be socialized with other animals.

Play with your dog

Sexual impulses

It is true that at certain times of the year, especially during heat, dogs can be more sexually aroused and seek contact with your leg or other household objects to feel pleasure and pure reproductive instincts. In fact we should know that dogs do not have marked seasons of heat while bitches and males are usually predisposed to procreate when they detect a female in heat and it is at those times when they can be more playful and can show that attitude of riding.

How to avoid it?

Try to say a resounding NO to understand that this attitude should not do it and better give him a toy or something that can be entertained and you should know that deep down is only calling your attention. Correct this behavior since he is a puppy to get educated and understand that you should not do that behavior with people or objects.

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You should know that females also ride legs, pillows, their bed or even other females. Riding is a learned activity that is commonly born even before the sexual maturity of your dog. Riding acts can also indicate a playful desire and stress.


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