When we have to choose a bed for our dog we usually choose it to our liking, without thinking about what our dog really needs.

Our dogs spend most of their time sleeping and this is fundamental for their physical, mental and emotional health.

That is why it is very important to choose a bed that perfectly suits the needs of the puppy.

Kinds of dog beds

If you go to any pet store, you would be surprised at the variety of beds there are: in all shapes, colors and textures.

You should avoid letting yourself be carried by the beds that enter your eyes because of their beauty, and better according to the need of your dog.

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Next we talk about them:

Bed Lair

Bed lair are beds that are closed and shaped, like a cave.

They are highly recommended beds for puppies, especially when they are separated from their mothers for first time. The first bed of your puppy should be a bed lair because it will give security to the puppy and will feel protected, it is also a very warm bed in low light, which will help improve his rest.

Don’t forget that puppies spend most of time sleeping. If your dog is scared and fearful, also bet on this type of beds because what a dog looking for fear is to feel protected and this type of beds are excellent for that.

Carpet bed

They are usually cheap beds because they are very simple and basically serve to separate any surface with the dog. If you want your dog to accompany you watch TV, you can place it on the sofa to prevent the dog from staining the sofa.

Another way to use this bed, is if you want to share the bed with the dog but you do not want to be filled with hair, you can place this bed on the bed.

Do you travel a lot by car? These beds are perfect to put them in the back seat to rest.

Nest bed

This type of bed is the most common. Can be square & round, but the most common are rectangular ones.

This bed are called that because are ideal for dogs, that love snuggle or lean his head on something. This bed are perfect for the winter because it embrace dog and keep him warm.

Currently these beds are made of different materials, but the most common is made with viscoelastic since it molds to the body of your dog and make it much more comfortable.


They are ideal for those dogs that love to sleep stretched, so they need a lot of space. If there are more than one dog at home, these mattresses are perfect for those who like to share a bed. It is the best option for summer, because it allows free air circulation.

Orthopedic bed

Orthopedic beds are recommended for older dogs that have arthritis problems on their legs.

These beds are made with viscoelastic and layers of gel to cushion the legs of dogs. The objective of these beds is to improve the quality of the dog’s rest with joint pains.

Orthopedic beds are usually more expensive than other beds. They contain materials to ensure pain reduction, something that the dog will appreciate very much ..

Summer beds

These beds are sunbeds that become the best option to rest in summer. Light, fresh and lifted from the ground to avoid the heat of the surface.

As you can see, there are many types of beds. All have the same objective: Guarantee the best rest of your dog. It depends on your choice that your dog improves his sleep and rest.

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