If you sleep with your dog, you probably do it because It gives you a sense of security and warms up each other on cold nights or simply the fact of coming home and feeling your joy at seeing you.

A study of the Sleep Center of the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona and published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings has resolved that although it may be counterproductive, because their movement or their sleeping noises can wake us up, the fact of feeling close to Our pet makes us rest much better.

Of the 150 participants in the study, it was noted that 56% of pet owners allowed them to sleep with them, either in the bedroom or in their own bed. Of these, 41% revealed that it was not harmful for them to sleep with their dog or cat, but instead helped them sleep, giving them a sense of security, companionship and tranquility. Animals are a source of support, affection, comfort, security and stability that can have important health benefits.

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Advantages of sleeping with a dog

They cure anxiety and stress.

Dogs relieve anxiety and stress in humans. Research has shown that it can be a great therapy for those who suffer from stress and anxiety, making them feel calm and relaxed. Cuddling with your dog in bed will make you feel calm and relaxed, so it will help you sleep better.

They give us a sense of security.

We feel more secure when our dog is with us. We know that our dog is loyal, and will protect us in any situation. Sleeping with our dog makes us feel safe throughout the night so we can get a good night’s sleep.

Enjoy our company.

Your dog wants to be near you at all times and allow you to sleep with you will form a strong permanent union between the two. He will feel calm and loved, and he will show you this in many ways. All dogs need to be loved and they will love having the opportunity to sleep with their owner.

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It is warmer than any quilt.

Cuddling with your dog every night will keep you warm and comfortable, especially on cold winter nights.

They help to improve depression.

Dogs can reduce the symptoms of depression in people. Having your dog in bed to cuddle is a great way to relieve your stress.


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