Science confirms it, losing our dog is similar to losing a loved relative.

Death of a dog

If you ever had a dog, you know it is much more than a pet, it is part of your family. That is the main reason why it is so difficult to face his death.

That they have lived a long and healthy life or that they have left us too fast, the pain of the loss of a dog is something almost unbearable. There is not much to say for that loss to be less painful, but now we know that there are investigations that support that the mourning for a dog is real.

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It has been found that it can be more difficult to overcome the death of a pet than to overcome the loss of another human. It is also true that everything depends on the proximity between them. This is because we bond with our pets in the same way we bond with other people.

According to the psychologist Julie Axelrod, part of the duel has to do with the loss of an unconditional love, the alteration of a routine and a partner:

Death of a dog

“This loss leads to a great disruption in someone’s daily routine, sometimes more than the loss of real human beings, you have to schedule your day around your dog and suddenly losing all that order can make a person feels completely lost, “explained the specialist.

If you are living the mourning of a pet, you should know that your sadness is reasonable and, if you consider it necessary you should go therapy.


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